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Hello, Nice To Meet You

After moving back to sunny Greenville, SC from the small Hudson Valley town of Kerhonkson, NY I have since continued my pursuit of a career in the arts. It was while on this path that I found myself at the accredited institution of Greenville Technical College where I earned my Associate in Arts in Fine Arts degree. From there I forged ahead until I made my way down south to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA and thanks to the guidance of both friends and professors I worked my way up to a B.F.A in Animation with a minor in Technical Direction. 

Art has been one of the main consistencies in my life that I have always sought to immerse myself in for I find the ability to take the visions of one’s imagination and convert them into reality to be enchanting. In recent years I have intertwined my fascination with art and that of the ever-evolving force of computer software, which has acted as the catalyst to my chosen career as a texture artist. During my process I integrate the various capabilities of 3D and 2D software with my understanding of the fundamentals of art, as well as the endless palette of my own imagination to create visually engaging environments/characters. This process is what I find so captivating, in working with textures I can help bring entire worlds to life that can capture people’s sense of wonder and leave them hypnotized.

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