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Little Teapot Crab

        This was a combination project of Rib Wrangling and Autodesk Maya 2018 using Pixar Renderman. I first took an interest in the images I saw on Google Images of a teapot with a coral/ocean theme, as well as images of teapots with what appear to be crab legs. I decided that I wanted to design a beach themed scene with a teapot and teacups that appeared to be a combination of the two images I saw. The images below are the beauty render passes. 

Maya Screenshot

        The initial image stills of my scene were created using solely rib coding in Cutter Python. Normally our class would assemble and model our objects in rib solely as well, but due to time complications we instead got to model our objects in Maya. For my teapot, I decided I would get the best results if I brought a couple of objects into zbrush first. I exported out the teapot base and coral handle from Maya into the zbrush and added the details I needed there. I then imported my new models back into Maya and modeled the remaining objects there. I also used an ncloth to make the table cloth. After I finished modeling I exported out all the individual pieces from Maya as a rib archive file into the geo folder of the archives folder. However, before I exported the objects I made sure to center pivot the objects and freeze transformed.  After the initial due date for the project I went back to make a turn table for the setup, however, this time I did this in Maya only because I had issues with figuring out how to make camera moves work in the rib code. 

Occlusion and Wire Frame

Turn Table & Rib Breakdown Video


Texture Maps and HDRI

        Below are the texture maps I used in my rib file. They were all found on either or Google Images. In addition I also found an HDRI image from HDRI Haven to create my environment light 

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