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Maxwell's Ball

Student Film

Directed by Jack Rinderknecht

Position on film: Texture Artist​

        I was responsible for the texturing/ surfacing of the entire film environment, including the assets that are placed through out the different rooms. I also created and textured the grass area of the backyard. In addition, I textured all the characters and a couple of props. The lighting done in the turn tables/still shots of the assets were done by me as part of my process for developing the textures and are not the final lighting set ups of the film. 

Kitchen & Backyard

        Below is a camera move animation of the kitchen and backyard area that I textured for the film. All the of the assets were done using Maya shader materials and the aistandard surface shader. The texture maps were found on Google Images and edited in Photoshop and I used the program Crazybump to achieve several of the normal/displacement maps. The grass area of the backyard was also created by me using Mayas paint effects tool. This process was perhaps the most time consuming because of the quantity of polygons created, which would crash Maya. However, I was able to resolve the issue and create/texture the grass.

Textured Assets

All the following assets were rendered using Arnold 5. 

Maxwell and Sandy

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