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Week 1: Rolling Ball Project -Photos in the Park

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Our first weekend assignment for our TECH 420 class was to take the first set of photos for our projects. I decided to go to Forsyth park, and after some trial and error I decided on using the photos I took of the large metal fence around the fountain in the center of the park. I found that the shadows being cast by the iron bars around the fence gave an interesting composition that intrigued me the most. Below are the sets of photos I gathered together, as part of our requirements for the projects, which are a clean, blank

plate, background in shadow, a grey ball in shadow, a grey ball in light, a cube, a chrome ball, a chrome ball close up, and an HDR.

Blank Background

Blank Background

Background in Shadow

Grey Ball in Shadow

Grey Ball in Light

Cube Pointing Toward Screen

Chrome Ball

Chrome Ball Close Up


Although I ultimately chose these particular set of photos featured above, I also wanted to include some of my honorable mentions that I believe could also work for this project.

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