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Week 3: Rolling Ball Project -The Ball Rolls Off

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

This week my partner Javier and I made adjustments to project one. Unfortunately, Javier was still unable to find a way to import the ball simulation into Maya correctly. The ball still could not be imported completely smooth and it was still missing a couple of polygon faces. In addition, the UV maps for some reason did not import into Maya either, so I could not apply the texture I wanted, and we had to stick with a simple purple shader.

Previous Version of Ball Rendered New Version of Ball Rendered

Since Javier couldn't get the UV maps to work, I used a simple aistandard shader with a purple diffuse color, but below is the texture that I would have liked to use on the ball, and still hope to use once the UV issue has been resolved.

Marble Texture Image Edited in Photoshop To Be Used On Ball

Original Marble Texture Image I Found In Google Images

In order to temporarily fix the polygon issue while Javier figures out a way to get the ball to import in correctly, the ball was Roto painted in Nuke

Ball Before Roto Pain Ball After

Updated Nuke Tree Gallery

Current Composite Version

With the latest version of the ball simulation Javier was able to fix the jittery motion problem the previous simulation was having. Other than that the majority of the edits were made in Nuke.

Previous Composite Version

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