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Audi Car Crash Project - Car Commercials Begin

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The start of project 3 is underway, and for this project my team and I , a.k.a Team Wonder Women, plan on doing a car insurance commercial.

At first we played around with the concept of having a commercial with the same model of car, but each compositor in our group would have a different shot and apply a different shader to each car to demonstrate our own separate shading and compositing abilities. However, our effects team member Pam really wanted to have an RBD and after talking for a little while, we all decided on a car insurance commercial with a car flip RBD simulation.

However, we ran across a couple of issues and we soon realized that in order to execute our concept we would need more time than we had, so we had to alter our plans.

Current Idea Summary

Scene opens to a wreaked car on a road that has clearly been in a horrible accident, after just a few moments you see the car start to resemble in reverse. The car flips in the air and lands fully reassembled and brand new, our catch phrase "We Got You Covered" appears.

Due to scheduling and weather conflicts we were unable to shoot our background plate, but we did do some scouting and found a couple of locations. Pam, Lexi, and Natalia were able to get some shots with their phones until we can go back out to shoot an HDR

We also decided that for the commercial we will be using a Audi A7 Sportback car, and have two separate shaders for the car, one new and one that is old/dirty

Car References

Wreaked Car Reference

Schedule for the Weeks to Come

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