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Audi Car Crash Project - Car Previs Updates

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Since last week team Wonder Women have been making updates to our car previs. Pam was able to make great improvements on the car crash simulation and we were able to shot our background plates. Lexi and Natalia went to a road near GulfStream and got the shots for the camera matches and the HDRs.

Background Plates and HDR (Shot 1)

Shot 1 Car References

After I got the reference photos for shot 1 from my teammates, I was able to do the camera match for the scene.

Camera Match (Shot 1)

Camera Match with Car

Key Light and Skydome Light Setup and Settings

Key Light (Shot 1)

Fill Light (Shot 1)

Key and Fill Light (Shot 1)

Going forward I plan on applying the aistandard shaders to the car to start finalizing the textures for the car, as well as making render layers to begin compositing in Nuke.

Car AiStandard Shader Place Holder Settings

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