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Audi Car Crash Project - Progress to the Car Shader

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Since last week I began applying textures to the car for my shot. I unfortunately was unable to get quite as far on the shaders as I would have liked, but I was at least able to make a test composite of the car into the back plate. In the coming week I plan on making improvements to the car shaders, mainly to the fine details such as the headlights, rear lights, windows, mirrors, etc. as well as make improvements to my composite

Car Shader Attribute Settings So Far

Car Turn Table

In addition to applying some shaders to the car, I also began to setup my environment shadow projection render pass, as well as setting up my ground shadows. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to render out the shadows because I was having issues in Maya. Typically, I would apply an aishadowcatcher to the ground in separate render layers, one with the key light and one with the fill light, then I would go into the objects Render Stats and turn the primary visibility of the object off so all you see in the render is the shadow. For some reason though I couldn't find the Render Stats setting for the Audi, so I couldn't get a render with just the shadows. For now I had to scrap the shadow renders, but they are in place in Maya.

Audi Group Selection (Render Stats Option not Appearing)

Audi Car Ground Shadow (Key and Fill Light Layers) Test Render Stills

I was able to put together a first pass of my environment shadow projection but wasn't able to bring it together in Nuke yet, but I do have the renders so I plan on having the shadows in my next submission.

Environment Shadow Projection Attribute Settings

Environment Shadow Projection From Photoshop

Environment Shadow Projection From Photoshop

Environment Shadow Projection Playblast

Once I had my render layers setup I rendered out what I could to start testing with the composites in Nuke, I was able to put the together a small Nuke tree to demonstrate the Key and Fill Light Render Layers composited together. However, for some reason the back plate didn't render

Nuke Tree ( Test Comp 1 )

For some reason every time I would render the scene out of Nuke the back plate would not show up so below I included the entire team video for now ( I was responsible for Shot 1 )

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