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TECH 420 Final Project Summaries

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The quarter is now over and winter break has now come. For our class session our class uploaded Hi-Res stills of all three of our projects as well as uploading any resubmits of our videos with updates. I was able to make some changes to my first two projects but unfortunately I didn't have time to make any changes to my shot for project 3 so I just did a breakdown. For any one reading this who is either in the TECH 420 class or is simply just working in a collaborative project one very important aspect of this class that I learned is the importance of having a good pipeline. Working with your teammates and having that open communication between individuals is a huge part of having a successful project. For my experience in particular the pipeline was largely due to technology and social media, especially for the final project. For project 3 my team and I set up a group chat in Facebook messenger as well as our own collaborative space with SCAD. We also exchanged phone numbers and emails, combined all these forms of communication gave everyone in the group a chance to see what was going on with the project.

Project 1

Rolling Ball Composite Video (Updated)

Ball Previous Version Still

Marble Texture Image I found on Google Image

Project 2

Stanford Bunny Model Video Update

Project 2

Stanford Bunny Model Previous Version Still

Project 3

Audi Sportsback A7 Crash

Shot 1

Updated Nuke Trees

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