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Python Scripting 

       The following projects were created using a combination of python code in Cutter and Maya 2018 with Arnold and Renderman. 

Sierpinski Fractal

​       For this project our class was introduced to the process of creating a Sierpinski Triangle using Python script. The Sierpinski triangle, also known as the Sierpinski gasket is a fractal that is constructed from taking a equilateral triangle and then subdividing that triangle into smaller equilateral triangles using the midpoint between each vertices.

Python Code for Sierpinski Fractals

Menger 2D Square

For this project our class was introduced to the process of creating a Menger 2D Square using Python script.

Python Code for Menger 2D Square

Menger 3D Sponge

       Below are a few experimentation I did with the Menger 3D Menger code. In addition, I constructed an environment out of the menger variations that I did. The environment references that of an underground crystal cave. However, the final end product was not what I had envisioned because unfortunately Maya could not handle an excessive amount of shapes. Whenever I tried to render the scene with Renderman, Maya would close the render view before it started rendering, so I had to delete many of the shapes I had put in the scene. Though it was not how I envisioned, I still am happy with the results.

Python Code for Menger 3D Sponge

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